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Hi ‘Connection’ fans - Romanian Connection is released, adding to ‘Connection’ series. This eagerly awaited Connection title is not to be missed, when Karen is about to take on a trafficker distribution network. If you haven’t begun to read the ‘Connection’ books, you shouldn’t delay. Catch up with Karen in the Nigerian Connection , Russian Connection and Italian Connection, as she battles the criminal cartel’s of the world. Take care! The ‘Connection’ series are addictive, but not for the faint hearted. Please watch my trailer on You tube or my Action adventure  page...
Copyright Keith Hoare 2014

News of title release…

Karen Harris is back in ‘English Connection. This time Karen is not only tracking a particularly vicious trafficker, he’s a psychotic serial killer of the worst kind and determined to take her down. You must not miss this ‘connection’
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For the audio listener ‘Nigerian Connection’, Russian Connection  and Italian Connection has been released on the ACX Amazon platform. All read by professional narrators capturing the real essence of the story. FREE E-book for audio listeners! To introduce my audio versions and as a thank you, any listener purchasing, or borrowing an audio book, may claim any one of my other titles completely free. Just contact me, via my contact page, giving the date you purchased or borrowed the audio title and which title you would like free as an e book and I’ll send you a download link that covers all platforms.