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Great news! Italian Connection is coming early September, adding to ‘Connection’ series. This eagerly awaited Connection story is not to be missed, when Karen is about to face a new threat, taking trafficking to a new level. If you haven’t begun to read the ‘Connection’ books, you shouldn’t delay. Catch up with Karen in the Nigerian Connection and Russian Connection books, as she battles the criminal cartel’s of the world. Except take care! The ‘Connection’ series are addictive, but not for the faint hearted...
Action Adventure This year I have introduced more books that surround Lieutenant Karen Harris and her small unit combating people trafficking. She is a very popular character and has already been in five books. The all new ‘Connection’ series has now taken over with five planned books for the series. Romance Romance with ‘Catwalk Supermodel’ and ‘Gemma’s WhiteCliff’ has also remained popular these last few months. I have plans to add to these books with a very different story. Fantasy ‘Plagarma and ‘The Timeless Chamber’ are already popular among teenagers. This year book three will be available following many request for more adventures surrounding the ‘Dreamstalker’. Fairy Stories Sparkle is back this year in a new adventure when she meets the bees. This is not to be missed. Don’t forget, all my fairy stories are free for on-line reading with full colour pictures. Go to for more information
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