Tales from the Fairy Circle
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Created by Keith (a human)
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Welcome to lovers of fairy tales Every child, besides the not so young, love fairies. They have been part of our childhood for hundreds of years. Now, ‘Tales from the Fairy Circle’,  over the next months will bring to a new generation of children, stories of these little people struggling to exist in a modern and ever changing world. These are stories where children will meet the real fairies, with real problems and of course join them in adventures that are packed with humour and surprise... In our first books you will meet Sparkle, one of our younger fairies,  who should have been named mischief as a second name, along with her ever patient sisters, Snowdrop and Crystal. All our drawings are unique, with the colour book versions containing forty or more full colour pictures. You can also read the books on-line for free before you decide to buy a paper back for that special child in your life... Enjoy PS. These are stories I’ve always wanted to write, but never seemed to have the time  Keith....